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Full flat reconstruction

There are situations when flat core renovation or kitchen renovation are not the most effective way.

Sometimes it makes more sense to realize the complete reconstruction of flats. Especially when the owner buys a new apartment and wants to rebuild before moving on. Complete reconstructions of flats are a more reasonable solution than to carry out the reconstruction of flats in stages already in full operation of the household.

Change of the flat disposition

In some cases, the complete reconstruction of an apartment is carried out because the existing design or layout is not suitable for the owners. There is often a requirement to split a rooms or to merge other spaces in one unit. Many times we have realized various atypical procedures when the bathrooms and kitchens were rotated or moved differently.

Only the positioning of the riser is the limitation, from where it is possible to keep the horizontal pipe virtually anywhere. So, for example, we built a new kitchen in the existing bedroom and bathroom in the former kitchen area.

Reconstruction of an older family house

If it is possible to change the disposition in the flats, in family houses the dispositional variants are inexhaustible. The entire interior of the house can be transformed with no limits. If you do not have a clear idea, we can provide you with the services of designer and architect. We will help you choose all the equipment from building materials to furniture.

Complete floor-to-ceiling reconstructions

Thanks to the wide range of our activities, you can renovate the apartment or house from the beginning to the end. During our operation on the market, we have already provided a complete range of complete apartment and family home renovations for our customers. Our established team of craftsmen has many years of experience to handle the overall reconstruction from A to Z. You do not have to look for companies and craftsmen for individual stages. Our technician will ensure that all work operations follow on from the exact technological process and without time lost.


What we do:

  • Cleaning of apartments, including the disposal of old equipment
  • Demolition of partitions and panels, floor dismantling, carving of door frames
  • Cutting of concrete walls
  • New water, waste and gas distribution
  • Complete solutions in the field of heating bodies
  • Reconstruction of electrical installation
  • Masonry and tiling work
  • Plasterboard and suspended ceilings
  • Delivery and expert assembly of sanity
  • Delivery and installation of interior doors
  • Painting works
  • Renovation of parquet floors
  • Delivery and installation of all floor coverings
  • Installation and assembling of kitchen units and furniture
  • Cleaning services

How much for full flat renovation?

To get an instant estimation on your flat renovation, we had prepared an unique project calculator with pre-arranged items by room type.

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