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Installation of plasterboard

Plasterboard is a modern material with long-standing tradition and good durability. Advantages of plasterboard installation are its excellent sound and thermal isolation. It is used with the purpose of installing dry floors, attic structures, thermal isolation, ceiling adjustment or partition construction. Another application finds plasterboard if you need, for example, to lower the ceilings, raise a new bar, adjust or change the design of the room.

Plasterboard ceilings

They close the lower part of the ceiling structure and reduce the height of the living space. They serve to cover various installations such as lights and greatly influence the aesthetic appearance of the interior. In addition, they increase the noise and fire resistance of the ceiling structure.

Plasterboard partitions

The most common use of plasterboard is to create dividing partitions that divide a larger room into two smaller ones. The plasterboard meets the acoustic, fire and static requirements

Covering the attic

The attic lining is a structure made up of horizontal, oblique and vertical elements. It forms the inner visible part of the truss structure.

Plasterboard wall tiles, prefabricated walls

They positively affect the aesthetic appearance of the walls and partitions. They improve the thermal insulation and acoustic properties of the partitions and create space for electrical installations.

What we do:

  • Plasterboard ceilings with spot lighting
  • Underfoot, partitions, prefabricated walls
  • Plasterboard tiles in the attic
  • Fire and acoustic walls

How much for plasterboard installation?

To get an instant estimation on your flat renovation, we had prepared an unique project calculator with pre-arranged items by room type.

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