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Kitchen reconstruction

High quality kitchen reconstruction can significantly improve the quality of housing. Reconstruction of the kitchen does not only include the production, delivery and installation of a new kitchen unit. Reconstruction of the kitchen includes many other related building operations and installations. It is necessary to connect the water and waste to the kitchen line, the electrical supply and the installation of sockets and switches, sometimes also the gas connection.

We can customize the entire kitchen space according to your individual wishes, we will advise you and we will propose suitable solutions. The most common ones include making new plasters and painting in the kitchen, lining the walls between the kitchen and the stove by ceramic tiles and laying a new floor, Paving or PVC. At the same time, we will design, import and assemble the kitchen line including the sink, digester and professional installation of the built-in appliances.


Panel house kitchen

Many people today solve the problem of building a modern kitchen from a small kitchen in the apartment building. Panel houses are equipped with very simple kitchens, which are totally inadequate for today`s needs.

Despite the limitations, we can design the kitchen to make the most of the space and to meet yours most demanding ideas. Also in a panel flat it is possible to create a very nice and modern kitchen that corresponds to today’s housing trends.

Connecting the kitchen and the living room

Very popular element in the living space today is connecting the kitchen with the living room. The entrance from the kitchen to the living room can be solved either by cutting out the inlet opening or by removing the entire dividing partition and opening the whole space.

Kitchen renovation from A to Z

We pay close attention to make new kitchen a nice place to cook, eat and meet with other people. We provide an individual approach to every customer and his needs.

Complete kitchen reconstruction involves:

  • Removing the old kitchen and equipment
  • Installation of new water, waste, electricity and gas
  • Priming or grinding of partitions, door and door fitting
  • Installation of plasterboard ceilings
  • Adjustment of ventilation, installation of ventilation ducts
  • Making new plasters and rendering
  • Wall coverings with kitchen tiles or mosaic
  • Leveling the floor with a self-leveling squeegee
  • Laying of ceramic tiles including a marginal plinth (or PVC)
  • Installation of sockets, switches, lights
  • Sink assembly, water battery, digestor
  • Supply and installation of electrical appliances, accessories and fittings
  • Total cleaning

How much for kitchen renovation?

To get an instant estimation on your flat renovation, we had prepared an unique project calculator with pre-arranged items by room type.

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