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Bathroom reconstruction

Reconstruction of the bathroom is realised in both panel and brick houses. We do the reconstruction of the housing core, the masonry of the flats in the panel houses, but especially the complete renovation and refreshment of the bathroom to suit the changing trends in the living.

We turn an old bathroom to new one

The purpose of our bathroom reconstruction is to make the bathroom fully functional and meet all your demanding requirements for its everyday use. You can have a modern bathroom that will make you feel comfortable from your first morning visit.

We will clean the spaces, align the substrates, waterproof the flooring, renovate wall and floor. We will provide plumbing and wiring, install sanitary elements, perform exterior works. We will install various lighting and ceiling spot lights.

Small bathroom reconstruction

A small apartment is usually connected with a small bathroom and it is not always possible to improve the space by changing the layout. However, it is also possible from a small bathroom to make a relatively comfortable environment that not only fulfils its purpose, but especially looks good.

Grouping bathroom and toilet together

Grouping toilets and bathrooms usually saves a few centimetres, which can make big difference especially in small bathrooms. In combination with the installation of a shower, the original small bathroom will change to a surprisingly large amount of space and will greatly improve the quality of the living. This solution is especially recommended for flats designed for one or two persons.

Shower instalation

When replacing a bath for a shower, it is not always about saving space. When showering, two thirds of warm water is saved compared to bathing. For people with limited movement, the shower is safer and in this case we do not forget to install safe handles.

Bathroom reconstruction involves:

  • dismantling and disposal of the old core, tiles, paving and building materials
  • masonry work
  • new electrical installation incl. electrical cabinets and circuit breakers
  • water and waste streams
  • assembly of sanity
  • tiling work and laying a new floor
  • complete painting
  • installation of plasterboard
  • other work connected with the reconstruction

Maintaining the order during the reconstruction and final cleaning is a matter of course.

We rebuild bathrooms from simple and economical, to unique and luxurious. We will meet your requirements quickly, gently and reliably. So do not hesitate to contact us and you are going to go into the reconstruction with us.

How much for bathroom reconstruction?

To get an instant estimation on your bathroom reconstruction, we had prepared an unique project calculator with pre-arranged items by room type.

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